Can SpokeStack's wake word wake up a sleeping and/or locked iOS device?

I am about to evaluate using SpokeStack for a very large project, but a requirement from our client is to be able to use the wake word even when the iOS device is sleeping and locked. I know that this works using Siri on iOS, but I wanted to confirm that this can work with SpokeStack.

I’d much prefer to use SpokeStack for several reasons, one of which is that it’s cross platform, and also that we can add our own voices.

Hi Sean, thanks for considering Spokestack!

There are two ways to utilize an on-device wake word in iOS:

  1. When your app is open with microphone permissions granted
  2. Using Siri to open your app, at which point you have the option of either opening directly into a listening state, or waiting for a wake word.

Unfortunately when an iOS device is sleeping and locked, or your app is backgrounded, Apple does not allow microphone access to other apps, thus a Spokestack wake word will not activate in that state.

Thanks Noel, opening the app with Siri when needed may be OK with them, I believe they want to use the app like a kiosk with mobile device management and have it on most of the time. I suppose if they turn off the screen lock, but still allow the device to sleep, then it would still require Siri to wake it up?

One other question, I noticed the mention of support for foreign languages in for the pro level. They also mentioned they would want us to support at least Spanish in addition to English, is that already available?