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Cooking with button and wake word

I’m super excited about adding voice to a cooking app I’m working on. Ideally I’d want it to work in both hands-free and button-activated mode. Sometimes my hands are messy and I can’t touch my phone. So I want the app to respond to a wake word like “Hey Food Nerd”. But other times its way more convenient to just hit a button to make it start listening. I’ve always struggled with this on the smart speakers. I find myself yelling Alexa! Alexa! way too often.

Anyway, is there a way to make my app support both button-activation and wake word activation at the same time?

Food Nerd

Hi Food Nerd,

Of course your app can support both wake word activation and button activation at the same time with Spokestack! For the details, just follow the cookbook examples, “Tap to talk” recipe for how to wire up button activation, and the “Use a custom wakeword” recipe for how to wire up wake word activation.

Thanks for using Spokestack,