I want to cancel my subscription

There was a payment intent from spokestack.com on 21st of November. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that there are no money in my account and the payment failed. On 27th I paid the subscription for Maker but I was not able to create any models or to see my existing models, because (according to the message) I need to upgrade my account. I messaged the support to ask them if they changed their subscription policy and do I need a more expensive plan than Maker to create models but they never replied. So I canceled my subscription from the “Billing History” section and tried to subscribe again. But the problem was not fixed and I unsubscribed again.

Currently, spokestack.com is trying to create payment intent every few days even when the subscriptions are canceled, I’m canceling the payments manually.

So do I need the more expensive plan than Maker to create and use models?

If yes, then how can I stop Spokestack from making payment intents to my bank account?

If not, then how can I have a working Maker account?

Hi Vogons, thanks for trying out Spokestack!

Apologies that Maker was not working for you. Your subscription has been canceled and your last payment refunded.

P.S. Groop I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes.

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