Is there an evaluation plan?

I started today with evaluation, but I see I need a MAKER plan to test “Wake Word”.
A: Is there a evaluation plan ?
B: If not, do I really need a year subscription to evaluate for 100 $ ?

Sorry, I cloned the demo app and run into build errors (I made pull requests to solve it) but my desired task, to evaluate is still blocked, because I can’t do anything. Now I should pay 100$ … that’s feels not right


Hi Hannes,

We’re actively tweaking our messaging on pricing, so thanks for the feedback! You’ve pointed out a typo in our pricing page, it should read “Pay yearly ($99.99/year)”—we’ve just deployed a fix for that.

I have a good chunk of information to share in reply here, so I’ll say the most important bit up front: you absolutely don’t need a paid account to evaluate Spokestack.

Our free tier includes access to 1 pre-trained wake word model, 2 keyword models, 3 NLU models, and 1 TTS voice, all accessible in the “Services” section on the account page.

You’ll need a paid account if you want to make your own models. This helps us cover the cost of data transfer and training infrastructure, and our pricing is the lowest you’ll find for comparable features.

Some details about that pricing:

  1. The yearly Maker plan ($99.99/year) isn’t the only option; you’re welcome to try out Maker for $9.99/month (the option on the left in your screenshot) to see if it’s right for you at a lower commitment level.
  2. Both pricing options include a 5-day free trial. If you cancel before the end of the trial, your card will not be charged.
  3. We offer a Contributor discount for Maker to anyone who contributes to our GitHub repositories. We’ve noticed your recent PRs, so you qualify! Please DM me for more details.
    Hope that helps to clear things up!