Jovo Integration

Hi SpokeStack,

I learned that Jovo framework has released an integration with SpokeStack. I guess the integration is still relative recently so there is not much documentation about that yet on both platform except this one on Jovo

I followed the steps in that article and after the step You can then review the status in the Spokestack console. I checked SpokeStack console but I did not notice anything.

I wish to understand more about the integration, perhaps just a high level but in more details.


Hi SpokeStack team,

The model created by Jovo after being deployed to Spokestack will be staying in Pending state for how long? how do I consume those models in an iOS app?

Hi sonyle,

We currently have a review process for our models; it looks like yours has completed, and you should have received an email with a link to download the models. Download the compressed folder and decompress it to your project directory, then configure Spokestack to find the model files as described in our NLU documentation.