Kick start for Android

Hi, I evaluate your system for Android. Currently I only have a FREE account.

First I cloned the repo GitHub - spokestack/app-actions-example: A sample integration of Spokestack and Google App Actions and I guess I’ve to use my own credential to make it work, ok !

but the button “add token” does nothing

Bte, please see my issues and pull requests Pull requests · spokestack/app-actions-example · GitHub

Hi Hannes,

Looks like you might have run into a recently introduced bug on the site. We’re looking into it now; I’ll post back here when we have an update.


The fix has been deployed—please try creating a new key and let us know if you run into any problems.

Yes, it works now !
May I give you a feedback: please give it a clear name

For me it’s not clear which on to use here as spokestack-id image

Thanks for the feedback—we’ll try to make this clearer. Any time you see an ID/secret key called for in one of the Spokestack libraries, it’s the “identity” and “secret key” from an API token you’ve explicitly created, never your account ID.