Pause/Resume Pipeline on iOS + Search on Docs


It would be very helpful to have the Pipeline pause and resume features available on the iOS codebase, such that we can maintain resources whilst disabling Spokestack. It would also be very nice to have a functioning search bar in the iOS API reference, currently it is present but does not respond to ‘ENTER’ nor does it have a physical search button to click.

On a separate note, it is unnecessarily time-consuming to transfer the codebase across because of differences in naming conventions and actual functionality between codebases. In the cases of porting between these implementations, it would be immensely useful to have a proper documentation table of comparisons between method names, variables and maybe even a page that explicitly states some major differences and how to overcome them. Is this possible?

Hi Ray, thanks for the feedback, these are good points.

Hm, that should be working, I’ll take a look at it. Sorry for the trouble there!

Agree from an API parity point of view. In practice, the marshaling of iOS resources is much less intensive on stop/start vs Android. Most of the resource-intensive operations occur during the SpeechPipeline instantiation, which we already recommend should only occur once.

In API design that spans multiple languages, it’s a balancing act between staying idiomatic in each language so that native language users can use their normative approaches, and keeping the API syntax and semantics as consistent as possible between languages. That said, we’re always trying to keep the balance, and there are always oversights and things that could cohere better.

This is a great suggestion! Please open an issue at Issues · spokestack/spo and we can see what we can put together.

Search is working in the API docs on Github now!