🎉 react-native-spokestack Release 6.0.0

In this release…

6.0.0 (2021-04-21)


  • nlu: The NLU slot type was changed in version 5.0. This commit changes
    it back to what it was pre-5.0. slots will be a map, and the property names will
    be derived from the name given in the NLU metadata.


  • set refreshModels to true in dev mode (de0b342)

Bug Fixes

  • ios: better error reporting in the downloader (6ef7644)
  • ios: update spokestack-ios to 14.0.6, which fixes profile mapping (d4cc01b)
  • bump dependency to maven central version (#93) (0115c5e)
  • upgrade RN to 0.64 (3c76849)
  • nlu: update NLU slot type to be a map with custom property names (#91) (001402a)

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