Unable to pay - Stripe Error

Hi Guys,

Trying to pay/upgrade to the Maker Level and getting an error. Thanks for your help.

Hi Adam, thanks for your interest in Spokestack!

Unfortunately, Spokestack is no longer accepting new customers. Feel free to examine our open-source SDKs at https://github.com/spokestack to gather ideas for how to solve your problems—using the documentation at https://spokestack.io/docs, it’s possible to even create models yourself!

Best regards to your work

Thank you for the reply…

Worth asking: Is there a possibility for us to pay more or hire someone from your team as a consultant to help us complete our Spokestack implementation?

Please let us know any options. We’ve started our implementation and are looking to utilize the custom wake word. And it’s beyond our in house capabilities to work with the open source version of the project to achieve this as a deliverable feature.

Thanks for your advice.

I have the same problem, I’m a customer from September 2021. Can you please re-activate my account, already the platform feels like it intentionally adds a lot of friction…